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Tomb of Wonder

Tomb of Wonder

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“On an isolated island where maps do not show, where tradewinds do not blow, where the suns rise in the North and set in the East, where stars dance and trail in the sky, belying all navigation, sits the Tomb of Wonder. No man has walked in and lived to tell the tale; but the thirteen women, nine dwarves, four elves, and that plucky band of a dozen and a half gnomish bards who did walk in and live to talk about it, all tell different tales, none corroborating the others.

The sailors at the nearby ports are usually more concerned with sailing, but after a few pints more than a few pints, they all swear that the Tomb is a place of chaos and randomness. No two trips through the Tomb are ever quite the same, say these sages of salt and sea. Deadly, dangerous, and impossible to prepare for, one must marvel at the treasures held deep inside. Or, rather, treasure. For if the tales are to be believed, only one thing of value lies in the inner sanctum of the Tomb. Not a corpse, (as, given the name, you would have been reasonable to assume), but a deck of cards. The Orcs have a simple name for this prize. A’vaal A’baal Nau A’at, but the Common tongue knows it only as The Deck of Wonder.”

-Excerpt from The Artifacts of Aardehn by the Elvish navigator Earolas Sealeaf

Journey into the Tomb of Wonder, a place of wild encounters and unpredictable magics. Take your players on a journey to uncover relics of the Gemhammers themselves and gain access to secret prestige classes of the Legion of Wonder. New Creatures, Spells and more!

For use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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Uncover relics of the Gemhammers themselves!

Meet Charlie.

It's always good to scope out the nosh situation before heading into a new dungeon's depths. This delightful draconoid will serve you a sip at a steal of a deal!

He'll also be the first to advise you that your trip through the Tomb of Wonder will be made all the more wondrous with our...wait for it...Deck of Wonder!

Add A Dash Of Chaos To Your Campaign!
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