• Deck of Wonder: After Dark

    "I’m so excited to get these on our game table!!! Mind=blown."

    -Jorah K.

  • Gemhammer Grimoire

    "All of Gemhammer’s products carry the distinct humor and genuine care of a gaming group that helps one another to develop unique, humorous, and sometimes absurd ideas, and the Grimoire is no different. It’s got a lot of content, a lot of heart, and a lot for players to be excited about."

    -Papa Dom, Wicked Good Gaming

  • Deck of Many Things

    "I got to use me decks for the first time today. Great fun was had by all. Especially me, the DM ;)"

    -Russell V.

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1 of 3

Ro'Lok's Guide to Violence!

Peruse the pages of this recently uncovered artifact. Within its pages, Jermaine, the squire and self-proclaimed Herald of Ro’Lok will show you the tactics and abilities used to deadly perfection by many of the unconventional followers of Ro’Lok, God of Violence.

Discover lost artifacts and all-new weapon and armor types to give your players more options when outfitting themselves for battle. Acquire engines of war and ready yourself for the mayhem of vehicular combat!

Gird your loins and take center stage when you learn the various arts of performance combat. All this and more in Ro’Lok’s Guide to Violence.

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