Ro'Lok's Guide to Violence

Warfare, warriors and weapons! A tome of combat and weaponry for 5th Edition. Coming soon to the webstore. The dogs of war were unleashed with the help of 249 backers who pledged a total of $12,606. Check out the Backerkit pre-order store here!

The Gemhammer Grimoire

Spells and Spell Cards for 5th Edition. Over 100 new spells and more, better stuff for divine and arcane spellcasters. Brought to life on Kickstarter with the support of 734 backers who pledged $31,658!

Deck of Wonder: After Dark

Add a little Wonder to your favorite tabletop RPG adventure with our classic random spell effect cards, plus an all-new NSFW expansion! We went to the dark side with the support of 524 backers who pledged a total of $24,306 to get this party started.

The Compendium of Wild Beasts

An arsenal of animal adversaries and associates, powered by 179 backers who pledged $8,200 to bring home some new beasties!

Deck of Many Things

We made our Kickstarter debut with the magical artifact you all love to hate.The first Deck of Many Things with the spell effect right on the card.

This arcane treasure tempted 197 backers, who pledged $10,158 to unleash the chaos in the cards!