• Conor Napier

    Conor Napier is a professional Graphic Designer and Graduate Student at Harvard University. As the multiclassing skill jockey of the group, Conor's many roles include Art Director, Illustrator. Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Operations Manager, Spell-caster, Community Manager and Co-founder of Gemhammer and Sons Gaming. He’s a roleplayer and a dice roller with a strong love for Dungeons and Dragons. He loves games and is excited to play, just ask him and he’ll join in!

  • Joe Curran

    Joe Curran is a full-time community manager, rules lawyer, and an avid tabletop roleplayer for over a decade, Joe is the resident DM of the Gemhammer Team. Generally, his job is to take the great ideas from the rest of the team and turn them into great resources for the playing of tabletop games. Preferring Support Classes over doing heavy damage, Joe is a veteran of many great battles in AD&D, 3.0, 3.5, 4e, Pathfinder, and 5e. Songs have been written in his honor, but only by himself.

About Us

Gemhammer and Sons is a Boston-based Tabletop RPG Accessory forge and traveling Shop of Wondrous Items. Focused on providing “More Better Game Stuff”, Gemhammer is the only place to go for Decks of Many Things, critical hits and failures, and Adventure Guides that direct you to the adversaries and riches that only walking-around-with-a-Half-Orc-Barbarian can buy!