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The Sword and Sorcery Bundle: Ro'Lok's and Grimoire

The Sword and Sorcery Bundle: Ro'Lok's and Grimoire

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Two great books that work great together! With these two books you'll have a little something for all of your party members.


Ro'Lok's Guide to Violence:

Ro'Lok's Guide to Violence is a book all about combat and warfare. In its pages you'll find new forms of combat, character options, materials, magic items, vehicles, and more! See more here.

Gemhammer Grimoire

The Gemhammer Grimoire is a book all about magical mysteries. In its pages you’ll find New Spells, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Level Spells, Exotic Spellcasting Components, Magic Feats, New Subclasses for Spellcasters,  Magic Items, and more, all with that Gemhammer charm you’ve come to expect. See more here.


For use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

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Lions, and tigers, and bears...oh my!


Whether your idea of a good time is a session of goat yoga or a trip to Jurassic Park, we've got you covered with 100 beasts of all shapes and sizes. Swarms included!

A BIG Batch Of Buddies

Nearly 30 mega-sized critters can be found in these cards. Take it from our Giant's gonna be SHINY!

Crack Open A New Magical Tome

Includes the Compendium of Wild Beasts Wondrous Item to bring these furry, finned, and four (or more) legged friends to the table!

Flora and Fauna Included!

Boy, if these shrubs could talk...oh. OH NO.

Learn More With A Pawn's Perspective

"I can't wait to add them in and use them in my druid game and in my ranger game. Very exciting! [...] Super impressed with these cards and I would highly recommend them."

-A Pawn's Perspective

What new friends will you find inside?