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The Gemhammer Grimoire

The Gemhammer Grimoire

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For the first time in the hands of the public, Gemhammer and Sons is proud to present the Gemhammer Grimoire—the spell book and personal journal of our beloved founder, the late, great Gurin Gemhammer.

His notes and research on Mana, Spells, Magic Items, and more can now be yours. His sons and their editorial team have made sure to provide additional context and details to help even novice mages get the most out of this manual of magical wonders. After all, magical education was one of Gurin’s many passions. As Gurin himself once said, “No you may not read from my Grimoire! Now get out of my office before I turn you into a platypus.”

The Gemhammer Grimoire is a book all about magical mysteries. In its pages you’ll find New Spells, Epic Spellcasting, Epic Level Spells, Exotic Spellcasting Components, Magic Feats, New Subclasses for Spellcasters, Magic Items, and more, all with that Gemhammer charm you’ve come to expect

For use with the Fifth Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game (DnD 5E).

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Expand your horizons with epic-level content!

"It is whimsical, sturdy, innovative and just plain fun! I heartily recommend this book!"
-The Sagelikeone ★★★★

Magical Fun For Everyone


New 5E content for every core class! Over 170 pages of arcane knowledge just waiting to spice up your adventuring antics.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It

When your end-game arrives, be ready with some world-changing spells of your own. Raise every corpse on the plane to create an unstoppable undead army, establish an unstable time vortex, rain a new Ice Age upon the realm, or summon an entirely new continent to get away from your buddy who just cast one of those other three!

Give Your Buddy A Boost

An entire chapter dedicated to advanced familiars (and advanced-er familiars)! Plus, nine pages of new creatures to befriend or behead, from Xavier the Llama and the Wombat Bodyguard all the way up to the Necrodile and Mana Beasts.

Make It With Mana

An entirely new resource in the form of mana, the physical power source for of all magical abilities! Explore a diverse array of mana sites throughout the realms, learn how to channel your haul into some sweet spellcasting, and learn what happens when attempting to harness a primal arcane force goes awry!

"I’ll never forget my first time thumbing through a Player’s Handbook (or the second, or the third), and the Gemhammer Grimoire seeks to give players that same excited feeling with loads of all-new content. All of Gemhammer’s products carry the distinct humor and genuine care of a gaming group that helps one another to develop unique, humorous, and sometimes absurd ideas, and the Grimoire is no different. It’s got a lot of content, a lot of heart, and a lot for players to be excited about."

-Wicked Good Gaming

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