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The Legend of Lichmas

The Legend of Lichmas

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In the Lands of Aardehn, people gather together on the longest night of the winter season to celebrate. This is a joyous occasion where the scent of peppermint cookies, the sight of colorful decorations, and the sounds of triumphant singing fill the streets of every city and settlement from Torendin to Fellarin. Children play games, and great feasts are prepared in celebration of the solstice. But there’s more to this holiday than the winter games, and sweet and savory treats.

This is a time of reflection, when the people of Aardehn remember when frost and undeath threatened to conquer the world, and celebrate when the joy of a child conquered the heart of an undead god. The people remember that for a time, there was peace throughout the world and that the Dawn Child will be reborn. This is the celebration of Lichmas, the High Feast of the Mortal Gods.

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