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Gemhammer Grimoire Spell Cards: Spell Generator Booster Pack

Gemhammer Grimoire Spell Cards: Spell Generator Booster Pack

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20 all new spells from our friends over at the spell generator (@spellgenerator.)

Discover 20 all new spells inspired by the social media spell generator that creates random spells. Bolster your collection fo spell cards with new cards straight from the generator!

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Grimoire Lore For The Gamer On The Go!

Pocket-Sized Spell Cards


Unlock the many discoveries of our beloved founder, the great Gurin Gemhammer! Each card includes all of the details you'll need to cast your way magical superstardom (or at least survive your local dungeon crawl).

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

As your players explore the mysteries of the Gemhammer Grimoire, you can easily reveal bits and piece of arcane lore with a simple card flip.

Explore Even More With The Complete Grimoire!

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"I’ll never forget my first time thumbing through a Player’s Handbook (or the second, or the third), and the Gemhammer Grimoire seeks to give players that same excited feeling with loads of all-new content. All of Gemhammer’s products carry the distinct humor and genuine care of a gaming group that helps one another to develop unique, humorous, and sometimes absurd ideas, and the Grimoire is no different. It’s got a lot of content, a lot of heart, and a lot for players to be excited about."

-Wicked Good Gaming