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Deck of Many Things 0th Edition

Deck of Many Things 0th Edition

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The Deck of Many Things based on how it first appeared. Contains 18 cards for use with any edition of the d20 system.

In the world of fantasy RPGs, The Deck of Many Things is a powerful magical artifact with a dubious reputation. It made its first appearance in Dungeons & Dragons' first supplement, Greyhawk, in 1975 and has since appeared in every edition of the Dungeon Masters Guide.

The Deck appears to be a simple deck of tarot cards with anywhere from 13 - 22 cards. Each card causes a distinct magical effect on the person who draws from the deck. Some of these effects are quite helpful to the players, others are extremely dangerous.

For use with any edition of the d20 system.

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Fancy a flip? Your fate is in your hands!

"Very useful to have a physical deck for this magic item. Even more so for being system agnostic in some ways."
-Cat of Chaos ★★★★★

"Everyone knows the dreaded Deck of Many Things. Dm's fear the end of our game because of it, players fear the end of a character from a bad card... Enter the Deck's of Many More Things and the Deck of Even More Things... Extra padding with some interesting and unusual added cards to turn a 50% chance at total game over to now a FAR more rare thing!"
-Nicodemus Travelerr ★★★★★