Sneak Peek and OGL Concerns

Sneak Peek and OGL Concerns

A Special Look inside Ro'Lok's Guide to Violence!!!!!

But in all seriousness, the last week or so has been a hectic time, and by no means is the "announcement" from yesterday soothing our anxiety or fears. all in all, it doesn't feel like there's any "winning" happening here. Regardless of how all of this shakes out, we're 100% committed to getting this book into your hands, and while we're reevaluating our plans for future projects, we have no intention of changing anything about Ro'Lok's this late in development. 

To give you an update on where we stand at present,  I'm working through some final layout on Ro'Lok's before handing it over to our editors for another look through. Just know that we're working hard and I think you'll be very happy with the quality and substance of the work we put into this book. I'd still like to do a livestream or a read through with all of you at some point, I just need a little more time to get the art back in and make the book a little more presentable. 

We'd love to get some thoughts and feedback from all of you, what's some things from the book you're interested in, what are you most excited about? What are your thoughts on feelings from the last week? 

Looking forwards to hearing from all of you, more to come soon


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