Our Response to the OGL 1.1 Leak

Our Response to the OGL 1.1 Leak


Official Response to OGL 1.1 Leak

Good Afternoon Wonderful People,

It has come to our attention that additional magical secrets have become available to the general population. These spells, tomes, feats, and items have been developed by hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of independent creative spellcasters. The world of magic has been expanded so much by these mages, both large and small, that it would be folly to attempt to even quantify the impact that they have had on the larger ecosystem of witchcraft and sorcery. Even some of the biggest names in the world of Magic Item production or Scroll scribing have started as a few wizards in a stable working on new magical secrets, self-publishing, and finding a broad audience.


There is no way that spellcasting would be the near-ubiquitous cultural phenomenon that it is today without the unsung work of those small creators, or the large creators that have grown from the successes of once small creators. When you go to an illuminated stage show of The Honorable Thieves, know that it was independent creators who made spellcasting popular enough to have it made. Gemhammer and Sons has always, and will always, support the individual development of magic.


That said, during times of trial and tribulation, some may attempt to lock out the creative endeavor of spellcasting. Some may seek additional gold to use the spell components that were promised to be given freely in perpetuity. Broken promises, corporate double-speak, and deals that we can only pray won’t be altered further: these have replaced verbal and somatic as the components of their legerdemain.

I’m sorry, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah! New magic secrets! Here enclosed you will find new rules for Fifth Edition. Inside you will hear about the School of the Cost and the Oath of Game Licensing 1.1.

Wizards of the Cost and Paladins of the Oath of Game Licensing 1.1 can find all the rules for their subclasses in this perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive playtest.

Enjoy! #OpenDND


Download Your New Classes Here!

Signed, Tharin and Hurin Gemhammer

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